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Installing using composer (recommended)

Installing with composer is recommended because can automatic install dependency. Use composer to install CodeIgniter4-DataTables into your project :

composer require hermawan/codeigniter4-datatables

Manual installation

Or If you prefer not to use Composer to install, you can install manually. Download this from git repository. Download here Extract and rename folder to codeigniter4-datatables in example place this on ThirdParty folder.

also need download dependency:
- this library require php-sql-parser. Download here Extract and rename also php-sql-parser to php-sql-parser.

Open app/Config/Autoload.php and add namespace to the $psr4 array.

    $psr4 = [
        APP_NAMESPACE => APPPATH, // For custom app namespace
        'Config'      => APPPATH . 'Config',
        'PHPSQLParser'          => APPPATH .'ThirdParty/php-sql-parser/src/PHPSQLParser', // <-- namespace for php-sql-parser
        'Hermawan\DataTables'   => APPPATH .'ThirdParty/codeigniter4-datatables/src', // <-- namespace for this library